Our Project

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This website is a photoguide to Glasgow, made by a group of young refugees in the summer of 2013.
We wanted to create a guide using photographs, which could show the many places and things to do in Glasgow, available to new young refugees arriving in the city.


How to Use this Website:

You can view the guide here, by looking at Our Galleries, which show many places such as parks, refugee services, places of  further education, leisure pastimes… and many more.

If you’d like to find a place you see in  a photo, just go to Our Map, which will even give you directions as to how to get there..

If you’d like more information on any place you see in the guide, have a look at Our Links page.. there are website links to most of the places we mention..

We have a Book too… ! You can view it on-line, order a copy or download a free pdf version, all on the Our Book page..

Our Partners were great!  The project was devised and run by Becky Duncan of Open Aye, and Jo Wiseman, with support and funding from: The British Red Cross,  Scottish Refugee Council, & The Scottish Guardianship Service.

Thanks to all of them, for all their help!

If you’d like any more information on the project, please email openaye@gmail.com


We hope you enjoy Our Glasgow – a Guide to the City, made By, and For, Young Refugees!



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